Deitrich Bonhoeffer Works

Deitrich Bonhoeffer Works English

COMPLETE SERIES LISTING Deitrich Bonhoeffer Works

1: Sanctorum Communio:
A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church
Edited by Clifford Green, Translated by Nancy Lukens & Reinhard Krauss

2: Act and Being:
Transcendental Philosophy and Ontology in Systematic Theology
Edited by Wayne Whitson Floyd, Translated by H. Martin Rumscheidt

3: Creation and Fall
Dietrich Bonhoeffer; John W. De Gruchy, Editor Translated by Douglas Stephen Bax.

4: Discipleship
Dietrich Bonhoeffer; John D. Dodsey and Geoffrey B. Kelly, Editors. Originally published in 1937, this book soon became a classic exposition of what it means to follow Christ in a modern world beset by a dangerous and criminal government.

5: Life Together & The Prayerbook of the Bible:
An Introduction to the Psalms
Edited by Geffrey B. Kelly, Translated by James Burtness and Dan Bloesch

6: Ethics
Edited by Clifford J. Green, Translated by Reinhard Krauss and Charles West

7: Fiction from Tegel Prison
Edited by Clifford J. Green, Translated by Nancy Lukens

8: Letters and Papers from Prison
Edited by Wayne Whitson Floyd, Jr., Translated by H. Martin Rumscheidt

9: The Young Bonhoeffer: 1918-1927
Edited by Paul Matheny, Translated by Mary Nebelsick
Gathers Bonhoeffer's 100 earliest letters and journals from after the First World War through his graduation from Berlin University.

10: Barcelona, Berlin, New York: 1928-1931
Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Clifford Green, Editor. This period from 1928 to 1931, which followed completion of his dissertation, was formative for Bonhoeffer's personal, pastoral, and theological direction.

11: Ecumenical, Academic & Pastoral Work: 1931-1932
Edited by Michael Lukens, Translated by Nicolas Humphrey

12: Berlin: 1933
Edited by Philip Krey, Translator Peter Krey

13: London: 1933-1935
Edited by Keith Clements, Translated by Walker, Brain and Alleyne

14: Theological Education at Finkenwalde: 1935-1937
Edited by Gaylon Barker, Translated by Fritz Wendt

15: Theological Education Underground: 1937-1940
Is a translation of Illegale Theologenausbildung: 1937-1940, TBA

16: Conspiracy and Imprisonment: 1940-1945
Edited by Mark Brocker, Translator Lisa Dahill

The Cost of Discipleship (1948 in English). Touchstone edition with introduction by Bishop George Bell and memoir by G. Leibholz

Life Together. The stimulus for the writing of Life Together was the closing of the preacher's seminary at Finkenwalde. The treatise contains Bonhoeffer's thoughts about the nature of Christian community based on the common life that he and his seminarians experienced at the seminary and in the "Brother's House" there. Life Together was completed in 1938, published in 1939 as Gemeinsames Leben, and first translated into English in 1954.

Letters and Papers from Prison (The first English translation was in 1953 by SCM Press). This edition translated by Reginald H. Fuller and Frank Clark from Widerstand und Ergebung: Briefe und Aufzeichnungen aus der Haft. Munich: Christian Kaiser Verlag (1970).